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Micronutrients have many significant roles in the metabolism of plants. This has a direct impact on agrobiological effects in the case of cultivated plants. These include higher yielding, increased crop quality, improved resistance to adverse cultivating and environmental conditions, such as low temperatures, as well as diseases and pests. Along with the development of biological sciences and analytical methods, grows our knowledge about the role of the elements that until recently haven’t been attributed any major functions in the metabolism of plants. One of the most interesting among these elements is titanium (Ti) which has a well-known and already proved beneficial effect on the yielding of plants, the quality of yield and resistance to stress conditions. In spite of being common in the earth’s crust (its average content in soil equals 0.33%), titanium is basically unavailable for plants in natural conditions. This means that the only effective way of improving the plants’ titanium supply is by using products which contain this element in an easily and quickly assimilable form. TYTANIT – the only product in the world which contains titanium available for plants – meets this need.


TYTANIT® is a liquid growth stimulator for plants which contains a form of titanium available in a wide pH range – between 4.0 and 8.0, both for soil and foliar application. The content of water‑soluble and easily assimilated titanium is 0.8%, in accordance with the technical specification (8.5 g Ti/l).

TYTANIT® has been manufactured and offered by INTERMAG to both farmers and gardeners in Poland and abroad since 1989. Numerous experimental data and TYTANIT implementations, as well as its users’ opinions let Tytanit be classified not only to the group of mineral fertilizers, but also to mineral growth stimulators according to the decision of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development no S-237/11 from August 19th 2011.


The effectiveness of Tytanit in agricultural and horticultural cultivations has been described in numerous publications and articles.

The greatest agrobiological benefits resulting from the use of Tytanit include:

  • Distinct increase of plant yields
  • Improved resistance of plants to diseases and pests
  • Improved resistance of plants to abiotic stress (adverse weather, environmental and cultivating conditions)

As it appears from the recommendations for use of Tytanit, even a small dose 0.2-0.4 l/ha is optimal and is notably beneficial in agrotechnical and economical terms.

Recently a new and improved product has been launched – it acts even faster and is even simpler in use. Moreover, the new formulation of Tytanit is more resistant to low temperature. TYTANIT® is presented to you in new design: handy white plastic bottles.



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